Do you want to sell your home quickly! Here are some tips to help without costing you a dime!
1. Declutter your home!!
Remember you are moving! Have a rummage sale and get rid of anything you do not want to move! This will simplify your live and make moving easier! Begin with clothing items not in season or anything you wish to get rid of. Packed boxes stored in the basement or attic will not devalue your home like an overcrowded messy home. This may take longer then you anticipate so start this as soon as you plan on moving! Remember: Presentation is everything! A cluttered home can cost you money!
2. Remove all personal items not needed daily!
This is best so pictures put on the internet will not identify family members. Safety is best! This will give you time to patch up holes in your walls as well.
3. Clean the entire home including closets!
This includes carpeting as well unless it’s too worn, outdated or too stained! The alternative is to remove it if you have hard wood floors underneath that can be restored (I am not talking about plywood or sub floors). I know this is not free but most people can remove carpeting or has a family member that can help. If your walls are too dirty then you will need to buy paint and repaint with neutral colors. The cost will be minimal and the rewards will be great!
This is the appearance you should try to get!
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